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"Let Them Be Free"

The creation of Let Them Be Free-

​In a summer theater program called “Make Your Own Musical” at the Moʻolelo Performing Arts Studio at Mamiya Theatre in Honolulu the students were asked to come up with the story line, songs, choreography, and staging to be showcased as a full production in 5 weeks.  Rayn had the idea to create a show highlighting the struggles of the Ukrainian people.  

Although her idea was not chosen Rayn was asked to write a song that would capture her idea.  By that evening Rayn had written the first verse and chorus and would complete the song days later.  

This song captures her heart's intention to address the geo-political struggles happening all around the world including Ukraine.  This song is dedicated to inspiring our extended families around the world who are struggling within their difficult environments to break free from the literal and metaphorical bombs. 

"War is not the best way to solve our problems. Don't you agree? We can have PEACE." - Rayn Souza


My name is Rayn Souza

Aloha!!! My name is Rayn Souza. I am 13 years old. The war in Ukraine has brought great despair to its people and continues to destroy lives. I wanted to write a song that would bring hope, pride, joy, and courage to the people of Ukraine. The song is called “Let them be free”.  To help support Ukrainian families in need please click on the links provided which will direct you to trusted charities and organizations providing aid.  

Also please purchase my song and LTBfree products. All proceeds will go directly to help support Ukrainian families. 


Purchase and Download Song here->


Shop to Support

All proceeds from the sale of any Let Them Be Free products will go toward helping families struggling in Ukraine.  


To These Trusted Organizations: 

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